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Saving for your new home made easy.

Want to own your own home? Need help to save? Let us help you make it happen with DepositSaver. We’ll set you up with your own savings plan and provide you with your own personal DepositSaver Savings Coach.

Simple savings plan all managed for you

Your own personal Savings Coach

Bonus Saving to help you save faster

Own your home sooner

Haven’t been able to save before? We’ll show you how.

Choose your dream home and location

A highly skilled Australian Building Co. sales consultant will help you choose a home and land package that suits you perfectly, with plenty of room for you and your family in a location you’ll love.

We’ll help you save

Once you’ve selected your home and land package and the Loan Gallery finance broker has determined what you need to save, your Savings Coach will set up your savings plan. (And it might well be quite a lot less than you think!) You then agree to pay a regular sum directly from your Bank account straight into your new savings account every week, fortnight or month. This easy process will assist you in helping you reach your savings target and new home goal sooner.

You’ll own your own home
Just like that

Before you even realise it, you’ll have an adequate deposit for your own home and to assist you on your path to your Saving Target, Australian Building Co. will credit bonus dollars to your account. Easy. Fast. Affordable. And just like that you’ll be moving in before you know it. We’ve helped many families own their own home and it could happen for you.

“It sounds perfect for me, and I’m interested – but I’ve got questions”.

Just head into a Australian Building Co. display centre and ask away. We’re here to help.


Congratulations on the first step in making the purchase of your dream home come true by saving for your new home through the My Deposit Saver savings program. The My Deposit Saver savings program is offered by Phoenix Mortgage Management Pty Ltd and is designed to help home buyers save for that all important house and land package deposit.

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