Don't give up on your city lifestyle to buy your first property

Why Invest in New Homes?

Love where you live? Inner city living can be very appealing. Being able to walk to work, step out the door and you’re at the local shops, living near all your friends. But owning your own home in the inner city suburbs where you want to live can be way more expensive than you can afford. That’s why you rent!

But that doesn’t need to be why you don’t own a property. You can start your investment portfolio now. With homes starting at $132,600** and interest rates at a record low, there’s never been a more affordable time to get into the market!

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Benefits of Investing in New Homes

More affordable

With the cost of inner city apartments skyrocketing, it’s never been a better time to invest in real bricks and mortar. Securing your investment future in affordable, low barrier to entry rental homes, could help improve your cash flow and remove the burden of a large, non-tax deductible mortgage.
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Tax Benefits

Get the benefit of tax deductions on Interest payments on an investment property, along with other property related expenses. Find out more, speak to your accountant or
Check out the ATO guidelines.

More Leverage

An investment property can help build your equity while you look for your perfect home in your dream suburb Find out how leveraging your equity works.
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How you can be a rent-investor

Think Low Cost

Interest rates are at record lows, making it a great time to invest in property!
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Get on the property ladder

Start building your net worth and invest in your future by getting into the property market early.

Live where you want

Enjoy the flexibility to live and travel where ever you want, not being tied down with a family home.

"The CBDs tend not to be good investments because there’ a risk of oversupply. There are no height restrictions on buildings so a new tower can bring a lot of stock onto the market and caps prices... But as a place to rent and live, you have a good lifestyle."

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